Diagrams & prints

We provide diagrams so you can locate our pipes, the private sewer pipes on your property and your point of connection to our wastewater system.

Service location prints are plans created from our computerised mapping system.

They show:

  • our water, wastewater and stormwater pipes
  • the point of connection for a property to our wastewater system
  • structures or valves that help us operate our systems
  • property and road information.
Plumbers use these diagrams when they're fixing private sewer pipes.

Selling agents and conveyancers also use these diagrams when a property is bought or sold.

Older diagrams also show the point of connection to our wastewater system, easements over the land and other information for plumbers.

For more help understanding the diagram, read our Help with your sewer service diagram fact sheet.
We complete asset construction drawings after we've laid new pipes. They show where the pipes are in relation to street and property boundaries.

They're generally used for construction or excavation purposes and when a plumber wants to connect to our pipes.

Supply system diagrams are large scale plans from our computerised mapping system.

These diagrams show how the water supply system serves a particular property within a building development.

The information shows the location of our water pipes over a large area and highlights:

  • the water supply zone
  • larger water mains within the supply system
  • the nominated property.
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You can also buy through our Property Link brokers. They'll charge you for the print and an agent fee on top. Find out who they are and more about certificates, documents & diagrams.

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Homes being built

We can provide diagrams of some of the pipes on your property.