Steps for first time builders

If you're building or excavating for a future structure on either your land or other people's land, you need to follow these five simple steps.

Your building or excavation can affect our assets if it:

  • is over or near them. Contact Dial Before You Dig to find out where our assets are located. You must submit your plans to us so we can check them
  • increases water use or wastewater discharge. Depending on your development type, you may need to apply for our Section 73 Compliance Certificate
  • is illegally connected to our pipes. Talk to a plumber about where and how the building can connect to our pipes.

How can you locate our assets?

Our Sewerage Service Diagrams and Service Location Diagrams will help you locate our assets on your land before you draw up your plans. You can buy them by:

You can also ask a Water Servicing Coordinator about getting a service protection report.

Do you need council approval?
Contact your local council to find out if your building or excavation needs development consent. If it does, they may not allow you to start construction until we've approved your building plans.

What will you pay for?

You may have to pay for these and other costs during the building process:

  • checking building plans
  • connecting to our pipes, eg water main drilling costs
  • assessing water mains for firefighting capabilities
  • discharging trade waste
  • inspecting plumbing and drainage.

Find out more in Prices for other services or visit Applications & approvals.

To submit your plans, visit  Sydney Water Tap inTM.

Find out more about  Building plan approvals.

If your building is one of these types of development, you may need to apply for a Section 73 Compliance Certificate.

Learn more about Steps for first time developers.

How can you follow the progress of your application?
Find out about  Developer application progress.
Ask your plumber to apply for approval at  Sydney Water Tap inTM.

If your building is a business that produces trade wastewater, you must get our permission before you connect and discharge to our wastewater system.

Learn more about  applications & approvals.


We provide free meters for most properties. We will also install meters up to 50 mm light duty for free except if they're for a multi-level building. You must engage a plumber to install larger meters. 

How you get a meter depends on the service the property has.

You must have a meter installed within two days after connection. The water meter/s must:

  •  be located close to the front and side boundaries of your property
  •  remain accessible at all times.

Backflow prevention

You must have a backflow prevention device on your water connection. All 20 and 25 mm meters have a backflow prevention device in them. This is suitable for properties that have a low backflow hazard.

You must engage an accredited backflow plumber to assess your site and install the right kind of backflow device.

Residential development site

New developments can affect our pipes or other assets.