Tertiary & professional

We run free technical tours of our water, wastewater treatment and water recycling plants for tertiary students.

The tours run for 1.5 hours and include a walking tour of an industrial site and time to ask questions.

Depending on the student's interest and background, we'll discuss topics such as:

  • safety and environmental risk management
  • day to day operations of industrial sites
  • how water is used, moved and treated in the urban water system
  • water management, including the roles of individuals, governments, non-government organisations and regulators
  • technology and planning for the future.
You can request an excursion or technical tour online. For more information, email us.

We're not hosting visits from professional or international delegations at present.
Students on a technical tour at North Head

We offer free tours for TAFE and university groups.

Tertiary resources

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