HSC Chemistry

Have you been on one of our Chemistry Depth Study excursions?

Here are some resources that might help you explore some of the concepts in more detail or revise what you learned.

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Investigate these links and learn more about how water is filtered and monitored. 

Investigate these links and learn more about how wastewater is treated and how we make recycled water.

Understanding pH

Balancing chemical equations

The following resources will help you understand the chemistry behind the treatment process at Orchard Hills Water Filtration Plant.

Make a simple water filter

Make a membrane model


Drinking water


Reliability and validity

Depth Study program

Looking for inspiration for a whole class Depth Study? Take a look at our Depth Study programs and sample assessment tasks.

Each program gives you ideas for 4 hours of in-class activities that will support our Stage 6 Chemistry Depth Study excursions.

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