About your bill

Your water bill covers the cost of water and wastewater services for your property. Sometimes there are other charges. If your bill is higher than usual or you need help paying your bill phone 13 20 92.
We send most bills quarterly. If you'd prefer a monthly bill, call 13 20 92. Monthly bills cost an extra $37.14 a quarter. This covers the cost of monthly meter readings.
If you're having a tough time, don't stress, we have plenty of options for help with your bill. If you're on a pension, you could qualify for a rebate on your bill.

Register for eBill

Keep track of your billing history by registering for eBill. You'll get your bills online instead of in the post. You can access your billing history from the date you registered. If you decide to switch back to paper bills, you can't access your online bills once you cancel.

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Get in touch

Contact us and we'll send you a statement that covers your last five bills.

Need more history

If you need to go further back than your last five bills, you can pay $35.29 for a billing record search statement through Sydney Water Tap inTM

Your bill includes fixed charges for every service you’re connected to, such as water and wastewater services. You can only stop a fixed charge if a licensed plumber disconnects you from that service. The plumber has to apply for the disconnection at Sydney Water Tap in™ .

You can't disconnect from stormwater services because there's no actual connection.

Here’s what a bill from us looks like. 

New bill Image - Front 
1.   Account number    

This number is unique to your property.

2.   Fixed charges
These are for your connections to our water and wastewater systems and other systems we manage.
3. Usage charges
This covers the amount of water used at your property. To find out details about your meter, see 6.
4.Online ID

This number is unique to you as the property owner. You'll need this if you register for eBill.

5.Payment number
This is the unique reference number you use to pay your bill.
6. Water meter
This is your meter number, the readings on it, the period the charge covers and how much water was used.
This is the back of a sample bill.