Direct Debit

Register for Direct Debit and we'll automatically process your bill payments on the due date each quarter using your preferred payment method.

You can set up Direct Debit using:

  • a credit card
  • a debit card
  • your bank account.

We charge a 0.4% fee for all card payments. This covers the processing cost and includes both credit and debit cards. We'll add the fee to your next bill.

Since the merchant fees for Diners Club and American Express are higher than for Visa and MasterCard, we don't accept payments from those cards.

Concerned about the card payment fee?
For an average customer with a bill of $250 each quarter, the fee will be $1.00.

Choose Direct Debit from your bank account if you'd like to avoid the fee. We don't charge any fees for bank account payments.

Once we've read your meter, we'll send your bill - either by email if you've signed up for eBill or by post.

Your payment will be due 21 days after we send the bill. This gives you plenty of time to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the charges.

We'll send a request to your financial institution to automatically pay the full amount of your bill on the due date.

If you're paying from your bank account, please allow up to two working days for the bank to process your payment.

Need to stop a payment?
Please contact us at least two working days before the due date if you want to change your details or stop your Direct Debit payment.

Call us on 13 20 92.

Once you've registered, it's easy!

To ensure your payments continue smoothly, please:

  • continue to check your bills so you know what you're paying
  • ensure you have enough funds in your account to cover payments
  • tell us about any changes, such as a new bank account, as soon as possible.

To register, simply fill out the online form.

You can set up automatic payments from your bank account or credit card for up to three properties with each registration.

You'll just need to have your Sydney Water bill/s or payment number/s and bank or credit card details handy to complete this process.

Once you've registered, your Direct Debit arrangement will start immediately. That means we'll debit any unpaid amount the next working day if you didn't pay your last bill in full by the due date.

Not sure how much money you owe? Check your account balance.

Check your account balance

We'll redirect you to securely complete your request
To safely store your details and manage your payments, we use a secure online payment solution called BPOINT provided by the Commonwealth Bank. 

When you register, we'll redirect you to the secure BPOINT site to complete your transaction.  

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Changed details

If your Direct Debit payment fails because of a cancelled card or closed bank account, we'll send a letter advising that we've cancelled your Direct Debit arrangement.

You'll need to register again to reinstate Direct Debit for future payments.

Insufficient funds

If a payment fails due to insufficient funds, we'll send a letter advising that we'll attempt to debit the amount again in seven working days. If you know you won't have enough funds in your account when the bill is due, please call us on 13 20 92.

We need to know at least two working days before the due date so we can change your Direct Debit payment date. If the payment fails twice, we'll cancel your Direct Debit arrangement.

Wrong details

If the card details or bank account can't be verified (because they're wrong, have changed or no longer exist), we'll write to you. We'll ask you to contact us within 14 working days to verify the details.

If you don't contact us, we'll cancel your Direct Debit arrangement.

Late and dishonoured payment fees
We don't charge a late payment or dishonoured payment fee if your payment fails. However, your financial institution may charge you a fee.

If we cancel your Direct Debit arrangement and you don't pay your bill another way, we may charge a late payment fee or interest.

Log in to change your details or cancel Direct Debit

You can log in to change your details or cancel Direct Debit at any time.

If you didn’t originally set up your Direct Debit online or can't remember the email address you used to register, please call us on 8849 4949 during working hours.

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Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay your bills on time, every time.