Claims for damages

We try to ensure our work doesn't have a negative impact on the safety and wellbeing of the community.

If you need to make a claim for injury, or for loss or damage to your property because of our business activities:

  • download and complete the Incident notification form
  • email or post the form and any related documents to us. The details are on the bottom of the form.     

How we manage claims


  • tell you we've received your claim within five days
  • fully investigate your claim
  • contact you if we need more information. You may need to get two quotes to support a property damage claim
  • arrange an independent investigation if necessary
  • tell you the outcome of the investigation when it's finished.

How you can help

We'll review your claim more quickly if you:

  • write clearly
  • answer all sections on the form
  • attach all supporting evidence, eg the circumstances surrounding the incident, receipts, quotations and photos
  • sign the form - we'll only review your claim if the person making the claim signs the declaration.