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Tender WS1399440177


  • Date advertised:
    26 September 2018
  • Closing date:
    29 October 2018
  • This RFP is closing on Monday 29 October  2018 at 9:00am

    Tender Details

    Sydney Water is rolling out a new supply chain model that will deliver better customer outcomes – Supply Chain 2020 – Partnering for Success.

    Through this RFP, Sydney Water is seeking to appoint a suitable Planning Partner to work collaboratively and flexibly with Sydney Water for up to 10 years to support

    •Strategic and tactical planning

    •Early design development

    •Other technical services to support and enable

    Planning activities, including modelling, asset management, environmental management, economic assessment, stakeholder and customer engagement and project management

    •Sydney Water and the integrated team to develop both technically and culturally over the life of the partnership

    •Optionally, Project Engineering, Technical assurance and advice across the asset lifecycle

    RFT Type

    Request for Proposals - An invitation for expressions of interest / seeking preliminary proposals. In many cases these may be used as a basis for shortlisting tenderers, along with other criteria such as expertise and experience. Prospective tenderers are initially evaluated for their proposal against the relevant selection criteria. A number of those who best meet the criteria are invited to tender. For complex or some other types of procurement, where the product or service outcomes are highly dependent on the content of the proposals received from Tenderers, the outcome may be negotiated.

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