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Tender 0510025387

Industrial and Commercial Plumbing Services

  • Date advertised:
    30 July 2015
  • Closing date:
    01 September 2015
  • Industrial and Commercial Plumbing Services.

    Tender Closing: Tuesday 1st September 2015 at 9:30am

    Contact: Josh Vojkovic

    Contact no. 02 9644 0481

    Cost of document: $70.00 (non-refundable)

    The tender documents are available for purchase and downloading from Sydney Water's nominated website

    Background Summary

    Sydney Water provides water and wastewater services to the Sydney metropolitan, Illawarra and Blue Mountains regions. Sydney Water has maintained the reputation of being a leader in water and wastewater service in Australia by providing this service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

    The scope of this tender is for the provision of plumbing services throughout Sydney Water’s Area of Operations. Plumbing services has been broken up in to four separate work streams categories. The Tenderer may submit a response for one or more work stream categories noted below:

    Table 1: Strategic Plumbing Categories

    Work Stream Category

    Facilities Maintenance Plumbing

    Repair and Maintenance Activity Description

    • On-site work

    • Generic office based plumbing services

    • Preventative Maintenance schedule with Corrective and Breakdown Maintenance also required.

    • Project work from time to time

    Work Stream Category

    General Industrial Maintenance Plumbing

    Repair and Maintenance Activity Description

    • On-site work

    • General Operational Plumbing services

    • Small and large scale plumbing services on treatment plants and other network sites

    • Includes chemical pipework

    • Mostly Corrective and Breakdown Maintenance

    • Project work from time to time

    Work Stream Category

    Backflow Prevention Devices

    Repair and maintenance Activity Description

    • On- site work

    • RPZ valves on treatment and network sites eg. Water & Sewage pumping stations.

    • Includes repairs and replacement

    • All statutory reporting

    • Mostly Preventative Maintenance with some Corrective Maintenance

    Work Stream Category

    Vacuum System Plumbing

    Repair and Maintenance Activity Description

    • On-site work

    • Currently 13 systems.

    • Typical jobs include cracked mains, rising vacuum pots, replacement of vacuum valve chambers and pots, installation of DV valves etc.

    • Corrective & Breakdown maintenance

    • Project work from time to time

    The Contractor must be able to provide the Services on the following basis:

    - 365 day, 24 x 7 basis;

    - within twenty four (24) hours of Sydney Water’s request for service;

    - in confined spaces and deep trenches;

    - at any location within Sydney Water’s Area of Operations; and

    - a continuous and uninterrupted 24 x 7 basis for emergency and breakdown work.

    Mandatory Criteria

    M1 Has or has the ability to gain NSW Government WHS Management System Accreditation edition 5

    M2 Documented management systems in place for quality and safety