Current Tender

Tender 0510025488

Specialist Support on Vacuum Sewerage System Performance

  • Date advertised:
    10 June 2015
  • Closing date:
    24 June 2015
  • Provide technical expertise and advice to assist Sydney Water's consultant in investigation of possible augmentation strategies for the Bonnet Bay vacuum sewage systems.

    Tender Closing: Wednesday 24th June 2015 at 9:30am

    Contact: Edward Braithwaite

    Contact by email:

    Cost of document: $50.00 (non-refundable)

    The tender documents are available for purchase and downloading from Sydney Water''s nominated website

    Background Summary

    This Statement of Work sets out Sydney Water’s requirements for specialist support to investigate the performance of vacuum sewerage systems at Bonnet Bay.

    Sydney Water has commissioned an options investigation to address the poor performance and increased maintenance costs associated with the Bonnet Bay vacuum sewerage systems.

    The Bonnet Bay vacuum sewerage systems are made up of two individual vacuum networks serviced by their own vacuum sewage pumping stations, SP0597 and SP0560.

    The key drivers for the options investigation are:

    • Both vacuum systems suffer from poor performance, with high and increasing maintenance costs.

    • Significant renewals expenditure is required over the next several years due to ageing infrastructure.

    • An opportunity to combine the two systems and decommission one of the vacuum pumping stations.

    • A portion of SP560 sewerage system (Jefferson Crescent) experiences high rates of failure.

    The regularity of failure and the limited access to the pots in this area poses a significant safety risk to maintenance crews.