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Biosolids Management Services

  • Date advertised:
    09 June 2015
  • Closing date:
    04 August 2015
  • Biosolids Management Services, including collection, transportation and beneficial use of biosolids from Sydney Water's treatment plants.

    Tender Closing: Tuesday 4th August 2015 at 9:30am

    Contact: Maree Jordan

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    Cost of document: $50.00 (non-refundable)

    The tender documents are available for purchase and downloading from Sydney Water''s nominated website

    Background Summary

    Biosolids are stabilised wastewater treatment sludge which has been processed at Sydney Water’s treatment plants. Biosolids generally contain between 70% to 85% water, and the solid component is rich in plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter. About 170,000 wet tonnes of biosolids are generated annually across Sydney Water’s 23 wastewater treatment plants. Plants are spread across the Sydney metropolitan area. The physical and chemical characteristics of biosolids varies between the treatment plants due to factors such as treatment processes and plant configuration, origin of sewage material and seasonal environmental conditions. Biosolids have historically been beneficially used in land applications and composts as a source of plant nutrients and as a soil supplement. Sydney Water has grouped biosolids into four product types based on quality and odour potential. Each product type is matched with suitable beneficial use markets.

    The scope of this biosolids management services request for proposal (RFP) includes either or both of the following services for each biosolids product type:

    A. Collection and handling of biosolids from nominated Sydney Water wastewater treatment plants and transportation to specified beneficial use sites, including coordination and interfaces with a) Sydney Water wastewater treatment plants regarding biosolids collection and b) beneficial use contractor(s) regarding the beneficial use sites; and / or

    B. 100% beneficial use of all biosolids and process unit cleanout material including the marketing, sales and development of beneficial use markets and coordination and interfaces with collection and transport contractor(s) and Sydney Water wastewater treatment plants.

    Sydney Water encourages alliances between transport and beneficial use contractors to provide the range of services.

    Sydney Water may develop several agreements from this RFP process, with services allocated based on the suitability of the proposed beneficial use markets for the different biosolids product types.