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Tender 0510025119

Astrolabe Park Stormwater Renewal - Design Development and Construct Contract

  • Date advertised:
    30 January 2015
  • Closing date:
    12 March 2015
  • Astrolabe Park Stormwater Renewal - Design Development and Construct Contract.

    Tender closing: Thursday 12th March 2015 at 9:30am

    Contact: Mike Alaaeddin

    Tel: 8849 3671


    Cost of document: $100.00 (non-refundable)

    The tender documents are available for purchase and downloading from Sydney Water''s nominated website

    Background Summary

    Astrolabe Park located on Cook Avenue, Daceyville and is bounded by Isaac Smith Street to the north, Eastlake Golf Course (Golf Course) to the west and Cook Avenue to the east.

    Twin box concrete culverts run across the Astrolabe Park. The twin box culverts were constructed by Botany Bay City Council during the 1970s, at a time when their land filling operations at the site were nearing completion. The culverts drain two residential catchments to the Botany Wetlands. Sydney Water is now the landowner of Astrolabe Park. The site abuts the State significant Botany Wetlands.

    The current stormwater infrastructure at Astrolabe Park has reached the end of its design life, with evidence that the existing culvert structure is failing in a number of areas. The existing box culverts consist of an un-reinforced concrete floor and pre-cast crown units, and are approximately two metres wide by two metres high.

    To address these concerns, a detailed concept design and REF including relevant technical specification were prepared by Sydney Water.

    Sydney Water is now inviting tenders from Tenderers with experience in works of this nature to procure the detail design and construction of the Astrolabe Stormwater Renewal Works (Works). The scope of Work broadly involves:

    • detailed design and construction of twin 2100mm diameter concrete pipes, special outlet configuration to the wetlands and other minor works;

    • detailed design and construction of two gross pollutant traps;

    • demolition and removal of existing gross pollutant traps

    • cap and sand/cement filling of the existing box culverts;

    • detailed geotechnical investigations, detailed design and construction of in stream wetland berms, earthworks and wetland planting.

    • site restoration including Golf Course restoration and reconstruction of existing Council Access Road;

    • ancillary Golf Course landscape and access works and site restoration; and

    • decommissioning of failed and redundant box culverts, outlet structures and GPTs.

    Decommissioning of the existing culverts, structures and GPTs will take place following successful commissioning and completion of the twin pipelines, new GPTs and inlet pits. The scope of Works excludes:

    • remediating/addressing the broader landfill contamination of groundwater issues affecting the remainder of Astrolabe Park and its surrounds; and

    • addressing the community use of Astrolabe Park after the Works are complete.

    The proposed Works will impact the Botany Council existing asphalt road within the Astrolabe Road and adjacent land leased by Sydney Water to the Bonnie Doon, Eastlake and the Lake golf courses within Astrolabe Park.

    Please note: Additional Background details can be viewed on our tenders website - please click on the above link.