Current Tender

Tender 0510024247

Leasing of the Gerringong-Gerroa Farm

  • Date advertised:
    14 October 2013
  • Closing date:
    14 November 2013
  • Tender closing: Thursday 14th  November 2013 at 9:30am

    Contact: Michael Massih

    Tel: 0419272527


    The tender documents are available for purchase and downloading from Sydney Water''s nominated website

    Background Summary

    Sydney Water owns two farms located at 183, Princes Highway Gerringong.

    The farms have a total land area of 150 ha, of which 70 ha is irrigated with highly treated recycled water from the Gerringong Gerroa Waste Water Treatment Plant.

    Sydney Water seeks proposals from parties interested in leasing the farms for a period of 5 years with a possible extension of a further 5 years.

    The interested parties shall comprehensively identify a commercially and environmentally viable proposition for using the land resource to reuse the recycled water from the adjoining Waste Water treatment Plant. An agricultural report associated with the land recommends dairy farming as the most suitable means of reusing the recycled water.

    The Lessee must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in the proposed activity, have the financial capability to conduct its business and always use the Land professionally, competently, in a businesslike way and adopt best business practices, having regard to the farming practices prevailing in the local district. The lessee will be required to enter into a formal leasing agreement and provide a regular return to Sydney Water for the use of the land.

    The Lessee must not undertake any activities that will negatively impact on Sydney Waters’ reputation or be detrimental to the long term sustainability of the land. The assets available on the Land must be utilised in a safe manner in the conduct of its business, be maintained and comply with the conditions of any licence, permit, environment management agreements, consent or registration required to carry on a business on the Land.