Supplier information

We partner with an extensive range of suppliers to help us create thriving, liveable and sustainable cities. Our supply chain consists of small and medium local businesses, through to large, multi-national companies.

Our customers rely on us for consistent, high-quality services at affordable prices. That is why our supply partners must align with our policies, values and safety, governance, environmental and ethical standards.

We assess a company’s suitability through the procurement process and monitor it throughout the lifetime of our partnership.

We are continually innovating the way we work with our supply partners to build lasting, productive relationships.

Steps for joining our supply chain

Step 1 - Expressing interest

Companies interested in becoming supply partners need to complete the  Supplier self-registration request form.

See our  Supplier self-registration quick guide for help completing this form.

Step 2 - Prequalifying

Once a company submits an expression of interest, it may receive a questionnaire when a supply opportunity arises to determine alignment with our standards.

Potential supply partners will also need to accept our policies and Supplier Code of Conduct as part of this process.

See our Registration quick guide for help on accepting our policies and Code of Conduct .

Once a potential supply partner completes Step 2, we will consider them for future supply opportunities


Need more information?

If you have any questions, please email