Procurement approach

We partner with an extensive range of suppliers to help us create thriving, liveable and sustainable cities. Our supply chain consists of small and medium, local businesses, through to large, multi-national companies.

Our customers rely on us for consistent, high-quality services at affordable prices. This is why our supply partners must align with our policies, values and safety, governance, environmental and ethical standards.

We assess a company’s suitability through the procurement process and monitor it throughout the lifetime of our partnership.

Our procurement approach supports the following objectives:

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Value for money

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Fair and open competition

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Easy to do business

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Economic, social and sustainability outcomes


On 1 July 2020, we started Partnering for success  (P4S), a new infrastructure and delivery model designed to deliver the best possible value for our five million customers.

P4S simplifies our supply chain and delivers best practice customer solutions for capital work projects. Under a 10-year partnership with three new regional delivery consortia (RDCs) in the north, south and west, we will deliver end-to-end design, construction, maintenance and facilities management services.

A key component of P4S is Shared Purchasing, which is an innovative, industry best practice approach that simplifies the way we and our delivery partners purchase goods and services. 

If you're interested in becoming one of our suppliers as part of Shared Purchasing, please visit the Supplier registration page.
Small and medium businesses form a vital part of our supply chain. We already work with hundreds of small and medium businesses and welcome expressions of interest from potential suppliers.

The NSW Government recognises SMEs as having:
  • an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • fewer than 200 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees.

Businesses fitting these criteria can visit the Supplier registration page to express interest in becoming a supply partner. 

We're continually innovating the way we work with our supply partners to build lasting, productive relationships. To help us continually improve, we welcome feedback from existing and potential supply partners.

If you have any feedback or questions, please email