Warragamba Dam viewing platform reopened

Media release

8 March 2018

The 18th Street viewing platform at Warragamba Dam has been reopened after 13 tonnes of asbestos containing material was found and removed across the ten-hectare site.

Grant May, Portfolio Manager at Sydney Water said, 'We take the safety and well-being of our customers and local residents extremely seriously, along with the protection of the local environment.

'The removal of the hazardous materials and remediation of the site was complex and this was why we had to close the viewing platform.

'It was imperative that we didn’t reopen the platform until all health and safety and environmental checks had been completed, fully tested and approved.

'We thank the Wollondilly Council and WaterNSW for their collaboration on this project and also thank local residents and visitors for their patience. We are confident that the inconvenience is a small price to pay to ensure the safety of the site and the well-being of people attending Warragamba Dam,' said Mr May.

Visitors were able to view Warragamba Dam from the Terrace Grounds and from a number of other viewing platforms inside the dam grounds during the period of the remediation work.

'WaterNSW has taken the opportunity to refurbish the platform of the viewing area in recognition of the popularity of this community asset,' a spokesperson for WaterNSW said.

Mayor Judith Hannan said, 'Wollondilly Council appreciates the commitment and hard work of WaterNSW and Sydney Water to make the 18th Street viewing platform area safe and ready to reopen.

'The viewing platform provides both tourism and economic benefits to Warragamba, providing the public with a greater connection to the dam and bringing visitors into the township.'

For more information on the current level of Warragamba Dam, visit  Water NSW.