Sydney, wat-er you doing in the bathroom?

Media release

May 17 2020

Sydney Water releases digital Water Wise Coach as new research pulls back the curtain on Greater Sydney’s unexpected bathroom habits.

Spending more time at home has brought about big changes to daily routines and new Sydney Water research reveals the shower has become a sanctuary for over half of Greater Sydney (54%). 

The research, commissioned by Sydney Water, shows Sydneysiders devote on average nine minutes to showering every day - higher than the recommended water wise limit of just four minutes - and using enough water to fill 155 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

In the wake of Greater Sydney’s worst drought on record, Sydney Water has launched The Water Wise Coach, a digital tool to help Sydneysiders become more water efficient by understanding how their habits translate into water usage.

Accessed via Sydney Water’s Facebook chat or Messenger plugin, the tool asks users to complete a short four-minute survey in exchange for a personalised Water Wise Plan.

Maryanne Graham, General Manager Customer, Strategy and Engagement says, “We understand that people view and experience water differently and it’s clear from our research that the shower is a sanctuary for many people, particularly during this stressful time.”

We can see from our research that long showers are a sanctuary and a way for people to relax, but the Coach will tell you every minute in the shower uses 10 litres of water and when people turn the shower on and walk away to do something else, even more water is being wasted.”

“We also know our customers value and appreciate our water supply and want to do the right thing, so we want to give them the tools they need to better understand their household water consumption.

“The Water Wise Coach can help them reduce their water usage and their bills while also helping us sustain our most precious resource.

“As we’re only beginning to recover from the worst drought in our history, it’s important we don’t forget these recent events and keep making healthy-water habits part of our everyday lives.”

To find out how you score when it comes to your water consumption at home and for tips and advice from the Water Saving Coach, head to Sydney Water’s Facebook page or visit Lovewater.Sydney.