More than a drop in the ocean: Sydneysiders doubt they can help the drought

Sydney Water launches digital hub to highlight the many ways to save water

Media release

1 September

Despite the enormity of Greater Sydney’s drought conditions, nearly 20% of Sydneysiders (900,000 people*) doubt that their individual efforts to save water will have an impact, Sydney Water research reveals.

Executive Drought Lead at Sydney Water, Catherine Port said: “We are experiencing one of the worst droughts on record and some of the lowest inflows into our catchment dams since before the 1940s.

'And yet our research shows that there is a common misconception that small savings won’t make a difference. People often think that individual contributions won’t really have much of an impact on a big issue like this.'

'If each one of the 5 million people in Greater Sydney made a small change to their daily routine, it would go a long way to safeguarding our precious resource. Just one minute less in the shower for instance, would save Greater Sydney 45 million litres in just one day – that’s enough to fill 18 Olympic swimming pools.'

To show people that there are many ways to save water, Sydney Water has launched a dedicated online hub Lovewater.Sydney, which is full of simple water saving tips and hacks to arm people with ways to reduce water use inside and outside the home.

'There are so many ways to save water and the new Love Water Hub aims to inspire people through unique water saving tips and hacks. Water is such an important part of our lifestyles and because everyone’s relationship with water is different, it’s important we provide the advice that works for them,' said Ms Port.

Small changes to daily routines can make a huge impact.

The campaign launch comes at the same time as enforceable water restrictions come into effect. Individuals found breaching restrictions can face fines of $220 while businesses can face penalties of $550.

To learn about the many ways to save water go to Lovewater.Sydney and find out what works best for you.