Make your garden thrive during Sydney’s dry spell

Media release

7 September

Spring is normally the time to get your garden into top shape and Sydney’s current dry spell shouldn’t discourage gardeners from following a few simple tips to make sure their gardens thrive while preparing for a dry spring and summer.

Kathy Hourigan from Sydney Water says, ‘About 25% of the water used by Sydney households is for watering gardens and lawns.’
‘The most important step for a beautiful, yet water saving garden is to create an efficient garden design, choosing plants which best suit your location and your local climate.

‘Spring is a great time to visit your local nursery and refresh your garden. By choosing plants that are suited to your local soil and weather conditions, and providing nutrients by mulching garden beds, you can save water without restricting your choice of garden design.

‘Sydney Water has taken the hard work out of choosing the right water efficient plants for your area with our Plant selector.

‘The Sydney Water Plant selector outlines almost 1,000 different plants which are suited to typical soil and weather conditions in your suburb.'

Changing your watering habits can make your plants and lawn more resilient to hot and dry weather, while using less water.

  • Water your garden in the early morning or evening to avoid evaporation. Water each plant’s roots, not the leaves and stop watering before the water starts to run off. Repeat this process a few times rather than overwatering in one go.
  • When you water, give your garden and lawn a good soaking, but water less frequently. This will promote your plants and grass to send their roots deeper and deeper into the soil in search of water, which builds a resistance to hot and dry weather.

‘Lifting the blades on your mower to a higher setting to allow your lawn to grow a little longer will also help to reduce heat stress of your lawn through the hotter months.

‘Applying a generous layer of mulch will retain the moisture in your garden and to save even more water and to get a bit of extra exercise, use a broom or rake to clean your driveways and paths instead of using the hose.
‘Follow these simple steps and your garden with thrive, you’ll save water and you will help to reduce your water bill’, said Ms Hourigan.

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