Graduates make a splash for Sydney Water

Media release

13 March

An elite group of 19 graduates selected from over 1300 applications received from university students across Australia have secured coveted places on the 2019 Sydney Water Graduate Program. Sydney Water’s program has been operating since 1991 with around 500 graduates joining the program since then.
Rebeka Nikoloska, a graduate in Media and Communications from the University of Sydney said, “I love how the rotation of the Graduate Program will allow me to experience different roles within Sydney Water and I knew I could really develop my skills in marketing and communications by working here.”

Danielle Robbie, a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Environment from the University of Wollongong said “I am passionate about the environment and the community we live in and Sydney Water holds both of these at its foundation. Working with Sydney Water gives me the opportunity to contribute positively to both of these ideals.”

As well as being extremely capable in their chosen academic fields, the graduates are a well-rounded lot with outside interests in music, sport, hiking, cooking, reading, film, travel, the Stock Exchange and gardening.

Sydney Water’s Program Specialist Susan Bentley said the award-winning program allows Sydney Water to draw on the best candidates coming through universities across a range of fields including digital and analytics, engineering, science, finance and communications.
“Graduates are offered a four-year rotational program with up to four 12 month work placements. During this time, we help them to discover their potential through a range of learning opportunities. “The program develops our future leaders. We work hard to harness the diversity of thought, experiences and perspectives our graduates bring”, said Ms Bentley.

Sydney Water’s graduate program provides on the job experience and learning opportunities to university graduates, including a two-week induction period to help with the transition from university to full-time work.

Sydney Water has been ranked as one of the top 5 best places to work in Australia for new graduates entering the workforce in the Top Employer 2019. Compiled by the Australian Association of Graduate Employers, the survey is based on feedback gathered from graduates.

Applications for Sydney Water’s 2020 Graduate Program are now open and close on 31st March 2019. Candidates can submit an online application and find out more about the program on Sydney Water’s careers site.