Community helps to clean up the Cooks River

Media release

6 May

Sydney Water’s Beat the Bottle community clean-up event held on Sunday along the Cooks River at Ewen Park was a huge success.

Over 130 volunteers came together from the City of Canterbury Bankstown, the Cooks River Alliance, Cooks River Valley Association and other local community action groups to join members from the Mudcrabs and their Crab Walkers team to participate in the clean-up.

The volunteers were entertained by Ruby Miles from FBI radio and R&B performer Alphamama, while Junkyard Beats conducted a music workshop.

Raema Melverton from Sydney Water said, 'almost 200 kg of rubbish was collected from the Cooks River during the morning'.

'Tangaroa Blue sorted all of the rubbish collected, which showed that plastic water bottles were the major rubbish collected, along with plastic straws, plastic food packaging and cigarette butts.

Ms Melverton added, 'it was wonderful to get the support of the local community to clean up the river. The disappointing part of the exercise is that this rubbish shouldn’t be littered in the first place. Many people don’t understand that the rubbish they drop on the street ends up in the river via stormwater run-off.

'One better way to prevent plastic water bottles ending up as litter in the river is to not purchase bottled water in the first place and to drink Sydney’s wonderful tap water.

'We would ask that all of the community dispose of their rubbish appropriately so that in the future, we won’t have to hold clean-up days because there is no rubbish to clean up'.