Mars-One candidate explores water resilience in Australia

Media release

May 2018

One of the top 100 candidates in the Mars-One project, South African theoretical physicist Dr Adriana Marais, has come to Australia as an international keynote speaker at Ozwater’18.

While she is in Sydney, Dr Marais will be taking the opportunity to visit Sydney Water to explore the utilities’ background in water sustainability and resilience and to discuss trends in innovation in the water sector in the hope that lessons may be learned to assist the Mars-One project.

Dr Marais has recently been appointed as the Head of Innovation at SAP Africa and she aspires to be one of the astronauts involved in the development of a human settlement on Mars.

'Water is essential to sustaining life and the ability to generate a resilient and sustainable water supply on Mars will be paramount to the success of the Mars-One mission.

'Sydney Water has an excellent global reputation and track record on water security, affirmed by the fact that a delegation from Cape Town recently came to Sydney Water to elicit advice on the water problems currently being experienced in Cape Town', said Dr Marais.

Dr Marais will be discussing innovation in, digital technology, sustainability and water resilience with scientists, engineers and managers from Sydney Water before heading to Brisbane where she will be a keynote presenter at the Australian Water Association’s Ozwater’18 conference. Ozwater’18 is the largest gathering of water professionals in the southern hemisphere with more than 4,000 people expected to attend.

Dr Marais’ keynote presentation will be ‘The allure of the unknown’.

Dr Marais’ reason for wanting to go to Mars is simple. 'The allure of the unknown is far more powerful than the comfort of the known'.

Dr Marais will also speak generally to the staff at Sydney Water.

Nicola Nelson, from Sydney Water said Sydney Water is constantly looking to innovate and to utilise developing and new technologies to provide world class water and wastewater services to our five million customers.

'Our staff will certainly benefit and be motivated by hearing about the emerging trends in water and digital innovation.

'We are delighted to be able to provide the collective expertise of Sydney Water to assist Dr Marais in her quest to be a part of the creation of a settlement on Mars'.