What can you do if your pipes are frozen?

If the temperature was below zero overnight, the water inside your outdoor pipes might be frozen. These are the pipes that are above the ground near the water meter.

If you don't have a meter, you may still have pipes that are above the ground outside. 

Why don't you have any water?

You still have a water supply - it's just not getting through because of the cold.

How can you fix it?

If you have some water in your house, you can pour it over the frozen pipes to thaw them. Don't use hot water! It may crack your pipes. If you don't have any stored water, the pipes will naturally thaw as the day gets warmer.

If you'd like to prevent your pipes from freezing, place something over them the night before - like a bucket, plastic tub or cardboard box. Wrapping the pipes in foam, rubber, crumpled newspaper or a towel can help too. If you'd like a longer-term solution, place half a tyre over the pipes to prevent the pipes freezing. All these options insulate the area so it doesn't get as cold. 

What are we working on?

If you want to know what we're working on, check our water supply and service updates.