Sydney Water Annual Report 2009
Sustainability indicators
Sydney Water delivers essential and sustainable water services for the benefit of the community.

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Sydney Water delivers essential and sustainable water services for the benefit of the community.

Information about Sydney Water’s sustainability projects and initiatives is available on Sydney Water’s website, www.sydneywater.com.au

Sustainability reporting

Sydney Water’s performance reporting goes beyond ecologically sustainable development to incorporate social and economic aspects – the triple bottom line. Sustainability reporting is fully integrated into Sydney Water’s Annual Report.

Sydney Water has a history of leading sustainability reporting in Australia. The first Towards Sustainability report was produced in 2001 alongside the Annual Report.

Sydney Water has produced an integrated Annual Report using a sustainability reporting framework since 2003. This framework was substantially revised and updated in line with international best practice. Reporting against the new sustainability framework and scorecard began in 2006.

Sustainability indicators and scorecard

Sydney Water’s Sustainability Scorecard reports on corporate performance measured against sustainability indicators. The scorecard adopts Sydney Water’s corporate goals, integrating social, economic and environmental aspects of Sydney Water’s sustainability performance.

Sustainability indicators flow from the corporate goals into divisional and business plans. Specific responsibilities, actions and targets to achieve the goals are captured in staff personal development plans.

Sydney Water has adopted the Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Guidelines 2006 and its principles for reporting – transparency, inclusiveness, auditability, completeness, relevance, sustainability context, accuracy, neutrality, comparability, clarity and timeliness. The Annual Report is verified against these principles by independent auditors, NetBalance Management Group.