Sydney Water Annual Report 2009
Corporate governance: The executive team
The executive team is the most senior decision-making body made up of Sydney Water staff.

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The Executive team is the most senior decision-making body made up of Sydney Water staff. Each member is a General Manager with responsibility for a division within Sydney Water. The Executive reports to the Managing Director and works with the Board to develop and implement the strategic direction of Sydney Water’s operations.

portrait of Paul Feeman

Asset Management:
Paul Freeman (General Manager) – BE (Mech) (Hons)

Paul is responsible for planning and managing investment in, and the strategic operation of, Sydney Water’s water, wastewater, recycled water and stormwater infrastructure. This includes new assets to service growth and optimising maintenance and replacement of existing assets. Paul joined Sydney Water in 1978. Since then, he has worked in various engineering and management roles and became General Manager Asset Management in 2000. Paul is a member of the board of the Australian Water Association.

portrait of Ron Quill

Asset Solutions:
Ron Quill (General Manager) BE (Civ)

Ron is responsible for finding innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver infrastructure and procure goods and services for Sydney Water. In particular, he is responsible for the delivery of Sydney Water’s large capital program. Ron has worked for Sydney Water for over 30 years. He has worked in corporate planning, been a ministerial policy adviser and held a wide range of senior management positions. He became General Manager Asset Solutions in April 2000.

portrait of Denise Dawson

Corporate Services:
Denise Dawson (General Manager) –
BBus, GradDip (Acctg)

Denise is responsible for managing and delivering a range of key business services across all Sydney Water divisions. These include shared services, information technology, insurance, risk management and workplace accommodation. Denise became General Manager Corporate Services in April 2007. She has also been General Manager Finance and General Manager Customer Services, having joined Sydney Water in September 2001. Denise has spent 20 years in the electricity industry and has held a number of General Manager positions with United Energy Melbourne, Power Link Queensland and Legal Aid Brisbane. She has also held finance roles at the South East Queensland Electricity Board.

portrait of Angela Tsoukatos

Customer and Community Relations:
Angela Tsoukatos (General Manager) –

Angela is responsible for customer and community relations, managing the retail interface and strengthening Sydney Water’s reputation. Since joining Sydney Water in 1990, Angela has worked in policy, regulatory compliance and executive support. She became General Manager Customer and Community Relations in April 2005 and was previously General Manager Corporate Services. Angela has also worked in the non-government sector and in local government as a caseworker, community worker and policy adviser.

portrait of Alan Ramsey

Finance and Regulatory:
Alan Ramsey (General Manager) – BEc

Alan is responsible for providing financial, economic and performance analysis and reporting throughout Sydney Water. He coordinates reporting to shareholders, regulatory oversight bodies and other external stakeholders. Alan joined Sydney Water in July 2007. Before this, he was Deputy Director-General of Corporate Services for the Department of Community Services. He has been Executive Director – Finance and Administration for the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Director Financial Services Division at James Cook University North Queensland. From 1986 to 1990, Alan was Financial Controller and Manager Financial Planning for the Federal Airports Corporation.

portrait of Peter Mills

Human Resources:
Peter Mills (General Manager) BA (Psych)

Peter is responsible for providing advice on human resources, as well as strategies to create an equitable and rewarding work environment. Peter joined Sydney Water as Manager Human Resources in November 2004. He became General Manager Human Resources in July 2007. Before joining Sydney Water, Peter ran his own Human Resources consultancy. He has also held positions as General Manager, Human Resources at Canon Australia, Human Resources Manager at Warman International and NSW Employee Relations Manager at Caltex Australia.

portrait of Eric De Rooy

Eric De Rooy (General Manager) –
BE (Civil) (Hons), MBA

Eric is responsible for maintaining Sydney Water’s operational assets. This includes managing maintenance and renewal programs so that licence requirements are met or exceeded, working with internal and external maintenance delivery partners and also managing Sydney Water’s corporate safety program. Eric became General Manager Maintenance on 15 October 2008 when this new division was created. Eric first joined Sydney Water as a civil engineering cadet in 1975 and has worked in construction operations, design, project management and maintenance roles. Since the early 1990s, he has also held senior management roles in Water Delivery, Wastewater Operations and Strategic Operations.

portrait of Colin Nicholson

Colin Nicholson (General Manager) –
BSc, BE (Civ Hons), M Eng Sc

Colin is responsible for integrating, monitoring and analysing product systems, including treatment facilities and networks. He also manages corporate programs such as compliance reporting, energy management and critical infrastructure resilience. Colin became General Manager Operations on 15 October 2008 when this new division was created. He has worked in a variety of businesses within Sydney Water for over 30 years and since 1990 has held senior management positions including Development Manager Drinking Water Program, Manager Operations Services (Transwater), Manager Water Treatment, Process Leader Water Operations and Manager Treatment Operations.

portrait of Judi Hansen

Judi Hansen (General Manager) – BSc (Biol), MSc, PhD

Judi is responsible for developing long-term, strategic plans for water supply, demand management, recycling and integrated water services for new growth. She is also responsible for environmental planning and management and delivers the research and development program. Judi joined Sydney Water in 1990. She has been General Manager Sustainability since September 2003. Before she joined Sydney Water, Judi’s background was in academic research. She has held positions at CSIRO, the Australian Institute for Marine Science and the University of Sydney. She is currently a member of the board of the American Water Works Research Foundation.

portrait of Michael Keelan

Water Services:
Michael Keelan (General Manager) – BE (Civ), MBA

Michael was responsible for providing maintenance and construction services for Sydney Water’s wastewater, water, recycled water and stormwater infrastructure. His division was restructured into Operations and Maintenance in 2008. Michael left Sydney Water on 31 December 2008. Michael first joined Sydney Water as a civil engineering cadet in January 1975. Since 1990, he held a number of senior management positions. Michael joined Australian Water Technologies Pty Ltd in April 2000 as General Manager Network Services and became General Manager Water Services in July 2001.