Development Operations

List of Providers - Capability Key Description

Company Capability Key
W1 Water Reticulation DN 100-375 W2 Water Supply DN > 375-750
W3 Steel Pipelines DN > 750-1200 RW Recycled Water DN 65-375
S1 Sewerage Reticulation DN 150-300 S2 Sewer Standard DN 375-750
LP Pressure Sewer Systems    
X Not Listed for Field Duties    
EA L1-e-Developer/Access EP L1 e-Developer/Policy


The firms and individuals on this list have represented to Sydney Water that they have the capability, qualifications and experience needed to carry out the types of work for which they are listed below. Sydney Water makes no guarantees or warranties as to the performance, commercial practices or financial viability of these firms and individuals. Sydney Water also does not endorse any of the products or services offered by them. You are advised to be diligent in selecting a firm with the appropriate capability and obtain a number of quotes to increase your confidence in the firm you choose.