Let our qualified plumbers help you use the right amount of water in your home.

As part of our WaterFix® Program, we'll:

  • audit your plumbing fixtures
  • repair leaks in taps and toilets
  • replace taps
  • install water efficient showerheads
  • install new 4-star, dual-flush toilets
  • install flow control devices to make existing taps, toilets and showers more water efficient.

Appointment times

Our qualified plumbers can WaterFix your home any time between:

  • 7 am and 6 pm on weekdays
  • 8 am and 4 pm on Saturdays. (Saturday surcharge applies. Read our Terms and conditions for details).
To book an appointment, call us on 1800 807 475 or email your contact details to  waterfix@sydneywater.com.au.


We'll charge a $99 call out fee for each appointment in addition to the products and services you choose.

Products and services

Find out more about what we offer or read our Terms and conditions.

Choose a new 4-star, dual-flush toilet

We'll remove and dispose of your existing toilet and replace it with a new Caroma 4-star, dual-flush toilet of your choice.

We charge a $99 call out fee per appointment. Saturday appointments also incur an additional surcharge. For more information, read our Terms and conditions.

Premium toilet

  • $660 each
  • Sleek and elegant design  
  • Contemporary close-couple pan
  • High quality vitreous china
Caroma Cameo toilet Caroma Cameo toilet

Mid-range toilet

  • $550 each
  • Contemporary design
  • Sleek design for easy cleaning
  • High quality seat
  • Vitreous china
Caroma Tritent Toilet Slim Photo 1 Caroma Tritent Toilet Slim Photo 2R

Standard toilet

  • $385 each
  • Simple design
  • Vitreous china pan only
  • Concealed connector pipe for easier cleaning
Front view caroma aire concorde standard toilet Side view Caroma aire concorde toilet

Skew pan toilet

  • $891 each
  • Skewpan toilet
  • Left and right hand available
  • High quality vitreous china
Front view Caroma profile skew toilet Side view Caroma profile skew toilet

 Please fill in our WaterFix® checklist to help ensure you choose the right toilet for your bathroom.

We'll install your choice of a new 3-star showerhead.

Premium showerheads at $88 each

Bermuda Hi-Rise

  • Three function adjustable spray shower
  • Adjustable ball joint connection
  • Easy-clean prevents clogging

Bermuda three function handheld

  • Three spray patterns
  • Massage setting
  • Durable double wound metal hose


Standard showerheads at $55 each

Easy Clean

  • High quality sold brass construction                                    
  • Long lasting performance
  • Wide spray pattern
Water saving chrome simple style showerhead with moveable arm

Burmuda one function handheld

  • One spray pattern
  • Durable double wound metal hose

We'll help stop water waste by fixing those drips and leaks.

We can:

  • fix minor leaks in taps and toilets for $33 each
  • replace the cistern inlet valve in your toilet for $66 each.

For major leaks, our plumbers can give you a quote. See our Terms and conditions for more details.

We'll make your current taps, toilets and shower more water efficient.


We can install a cistern weight or adjust your single flush toilet to use less water. The cost is $33 for each toilet.


We can:

  • install your own water efficient showerhead for $33 a shower
  • make your existing showerhead water efficient from $55.


We can make your existing taps water efficient by installing aerators or in-body regulators, depending on the type of taps you have installed.

For $55 you can get up to three aerators or in-body regulators.