Rainwater tanks

Rainwater tanks capture and store rainwater from your roof. You can then use the stored water around your home and garden. 

A properly installed and working rainwater tank can save up to 40% of your drinking water supply. This can add up to about $200 a year - or 96,000 litres!

A typical rainwater tank in greater Sydney will cost at least $2,000-$3,500 to buy and install. This will depend on the size of the tank and complexity of the installation.

As well as buying the tank, you may have to hire a plumber and an electrician. 

What do you need to consider?

An ideal rainwater tank installation for an average Sydney home would:

  • store at least 2,500 litres of rainwater
  • be connected to over 75% of the available roof area
  • have an energy efficient pump and distribution system
  • supply rainwater to at least one toilet and the clothes washing machine
  • provide a fail-safe water supply that uses a mains switching device connected to the drinking water supply.

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Black rainwater tank in a backyard

Rainwater tanks reduce your reliance on drinking water, reduce your water bills and help the environment.