A connection gives you access to our pipes so you can use our water, wastewater or stormwater services. 

You don't need to connect if you're moving to an existing property!
If you're moving to an existing house or unit with water and wastewater services, you're already connected to our network. You don't need to apply before you start using the services. 

If you need a new water or wastewater connection for any type of house, including granny flats or dual occupancy units, you must apply for a connection.  
New housing development at Rouse Hill

You'll need to apply to connect to our services, if you're building or developing.

Building a new home

If you're building or developing, you must:

If we approve your connection, we'll send you a letter explaining any conditions you must meet. 

Have you bought land in a new subdivision?

Locked and tagged water service in grass

Your water service might have a locked and tagged device. Apply for a water meter installation at Sydney Water Tap in™ to get your service unlocked.

Is your home in an unsewered area?

PSP connection in Appin

We're building new wastewater systems. Find out if we're improving our wastewater system in your area.