Streamwatch Program

Woman testing water quality at a creek for Streamwatch Program

Streamwatch volunteers play an important role.

Streamwatch is a long running, volunteer water monitoring program. It was started by Sydney Water and run together with WaterNSW, formerly Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA).

The program covers Sydney, the Blue Mountains, the Illawarra and Southern Highland regions.

We're proud to have led and supported Streamwatch for over 20 years. Today, the Australian Museum brings its expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm to run the program. We continue to provide funding for Streamwatch.

The program is a leading citizen science program. Volunteers play an important role investigating and caring for the health of local waterways by monitoring and taking action on water quality. 

Streamwatch volunteers collect data which can provide an early warning system for pollution and a historic record of how waterways have changed. The information is widely used by local councils, landowners and other land managers.

For more information, visit Streamwatch or Australian Museum.