Protect your pipes

Protect your pipes - toilet monster banner

There's a monster-sized problem lurking in our sewers and we need your help!

What's the monster problem?

Wastewater pipe blockages are monstrous. They're caused by wet wipes and other rubbish that go down the toilet or sink. Congealed fats, oil and grease from cooking make it all stick together.

Some tree roots can also get into pipes and cause blockages, especially when they get tangled up with wipes and other material. This is also a health and environmental nightmare, with wastewater backing up and overflowing into homes, backyards and your local environment.

This ugly greasy monster clogs your plumbing, which can be costly to fix, but easy to avoid. The only things you should flush are the three Ps - pee, poo, and toilet paper.

What's feeding this monster?

We remove hundreds of tonnes of unwanted bathroom products and kitchen waste from waterways and our wastewater system each year - wet wipes make up to 75% of all blockages.

Bathroom waste

Keep a bin in your bathroom for:
  • wet wipes
  • cotton buds
  • sanitary pads
  • cleaning cloths
  • tissues
  • dental floss
  • any other rubbish.

Fats, oils and grease

Don't pour your used cooking oils into the sink. As oils hit the cool water in your wastewater pipes, they harden and combine with wet wipes and other bathroom waste to form a hard blockage over a net of wipes and tree roots - known as a 'fatberg'. 

Sink monster banner 2

Think before you put anything down the toilet or sink!

How can you starve the monster?

Most wastewater comes from homes. So it’s your actions that make the biggest difference. Protect your pipes and help protect your local waterways by following our simple tips.  

  • Pour any used oil or fatty liquids like old milk into a container (old milk cartons are great for this) and place it in the bin.
  • You can freeze old cooking oils if you’re worried about making a mess.
  • Scrape your plates into the bin and wipe them with a paper towel before washing up.
  • Use a sink strainer to catch food scraps.
  • Put coffee grounds into your compost.
  • Don’t plant trees with deep roots over the wastewater pipes.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll help protect your pipes and the environment from nasty monster blockages and potentially save money on plumbing costs as well!