Water restrictions exemption request

Exemptions for non-residential customers

We understand that some non-residential customers rely on using water outdoors and may need an exemption from the current restrictions. Exemptions do not apply to residential customers.

Do you need to apply for an exemption?
Before you apply, please read the water restrictions carefully as you may not need to apply for an exemption.

You don't need to apply for an exemption if your business only uses water indoors or the water you use outdoors isn't drinking water.

The restrictions limit the use of drinking water outdoors only. 

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If you think you need an exemption from current water restrictions to run your business, please provide your details below.

If we approve your request, we’ll send you an exemption permit and sticker to display at your premises or on your vehicle.

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Standard exemptions for your business/customer type

The following exemptions apply to your business/customer type if you submit a request, receive an exemption permit and comply with the relevant conditions.

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Please select the 'Back' button and select 'Other' if you're unable to comply with the conditions or need to apply for an exemption for a different activity.

Please help us understand more about your business by providing details about how water restrictions will limit your operations.

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Please note
We expect to process applications within 30 days and will then send exemption permits and stickers to eligible businesses. During this period, you can continue normal business activities unless we specifically contact you about a problem with your application.

When we send a permit, it will list any conditions you need to follow to maintain your exemption.

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