West Dapto development area - Package 1

This project is in Kembla Grange, Dapto and Wongawilli.

The project was completed in late 2015.

Rural land with trees and escarpment in background

We've built new water and wastewater services in the West Dapto area.

About the project

West Dapto Package 1

West Dapto - Package 1 Select map to see a larger version.

We've built trunk water and wastewater infrastructure to support growth in the West Dapto Urban Release Area.

We engaged Diona Civil Engineering Contractors, (Diona Civil), to design and build the infrastructure in Kembla Grange, Dapto and Wongawilli. 

The project was finished in late 2015.

The project involved constructing three separate pipelines and associated infrastructure, including a:

  • wastewater carrier in Darkes Road, Dapto – over two kilometres of wastewater pipelines, including associated maintenance holes and ventilation shafts
  • wastewater carrier in West Dapto Road, Kembla Grange – more than 700 metres of wastewater pipelines, including associated maintenance holes and ventilation shafts
  • water distribution main in Shone Avenue, Wongawilli – a water pipeline about 1.6 kilometres long.

Developers will generally build the water and wastewater pipes to service individual properties.

Project audit

In October 2015, the project was independently audited for environmental management, community consultation and incident reporting. The audit results confirmed that both Sydney Water and our contractor, Diona Civil, complied with the Minister's Conditions of Approval.

In late 2014, we awarded the construction contract for the project’s infrastructure to Diona Civil.

Diona and Sydney Water have finalised the detailed designs for the new pipelines, including completing additional environmental studies such as geotechnical surveys.

Project timeline

  • January 2015 - liaised with affected landowners and completion of the design
  • March 2015 - established the construction site office
  • March 2015 - started construction
  • Late 2015 - completed project
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