Tallawarra Lands development area

This project is in Tallawarra Lands.

Rural landscape with hills and trees in background

Planning is underway to provide services for over 1,000 dwellings in Tallawarra Lands.

About the project

We're planning for growth in the Tallawarra Lands area, which has the potential to accommodate more than 1,000 dwellings.

While we're still in the early planning stages to provide services for the area, we expect the following infrastructure will be required:
  • A new wastewater pumping station.
  • New wastewater pipelines and associated infrastructure, including gravity and pressure mains.
  • New water pipelines.
Developers will build the water and wastewater reticulation pipes to service individual properties. 
In 2014, we engaged ENSure, (a joint venture between GHD and Jacobs), to prepare concept designs for the new water and wastewater infrastructure to service growth in Tallawarra Lands.

As part of this work, ENSure completed planning and environmental investigations to confirm the most suitable route for water and wastewater infrastructure to service the development area.

Timing for completion of detailed planning and delivery of our infrastructure in Tallawarra Lands will be subject to demand for services in the development area.

To learn more or provide feedback, contact us by:

Sydney Water
Community Relations - Growth
PO Box 399