North West Priority Growth Area - Overview

This project is in Alex Avenue, Box Hill, Box Hill Industrial, Colebee, Cudgegong Road, Marsden Park, Marsden Park Industrial, Marsden Park North, North Kellyville, Riverstone East, Riverstone West, Schofields, Shanes Park, Vineyard and West Schofields. 

The project will be completed in stages between 2009 and 2025.

A cleared field

Water and wastewater services in the North West Priority Growth Area will be built in stages.

About future packages in the North West Priority Growth Area

The North West Priority Growth Area is made up of 16 precincts that will accommodate about 70,000 new dwellings over the next 30 years.

A lot of infrastructure is required to service the entire growth centre, so our services will be delivered in stages. 

Factors that affect the staging of water and wastewater in the area include:

  • the release of precincts
  • the rezoning of precincts
  • the logical extension and staging of infrastructure
  • large consolidated land holdings that increase the chance and rate of large scale development occurring.

To coordinate the delivery of our infrastructure in stages as individual precincts are released and rezoned, we work with:

  • the Department of Planning and Infrastructure’s Office of Strategies and Land Release
  • Roads and Maritime Services
  • Integral Energy
  • local councils 
  • other agencies.

Staging our infrastructure is consistent with the Department of Planning and Infrastructure’s Metropolitan Development Program. It identifies:

  •  target dates for dwelling numbers in growth areas within existing urban areas
  •  the release of land in greenfield areas.

We prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) to investigate the impacts of constructing and operating water and wastewater services for the North West Priority Growth Area second release precincts.

The assessment was prepared under Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. The Minister for Planning approved the EA on 6 August 2012.

Visit the Department of Planning and Infrastructure's website to read:

  • the Second Release Precincts EA
  • the Conditions of Approval
  • three modifications.

Why don't we build all the water related infrastructure before the precinct is rezoned?

One of our objectives is to operate as a successful business. This means we must:

  • target our capital expenditure to areas likely to develop in the short term
  • provide a return on our capital investment.

To achieve this, we stage our service delivery to areas that are more likely to develop first. We coordinate our work with other government agencies and make sure we support the Department of Planning’s Metropolitan Development Program.

Precincts in the North West Priority Growth Area are large, with thousands of new homes planned. Because of this, it can take years for the entire precinct to develop completely. If we build all the infrastructure required for the long term, many assets would be under-used for many years.

Once an area has been rezoned, developers need to prepare and lodge development applications for the sub-division and development of their properties. This process can take up to two years so there's usually a gap between when a precinct is rezoned and when the first new home is built.

How can you develop before we're ready to put services into your local area?

If the delivery of water and wastewater services is beyond your preferred timeframe, developers can enter into a commercial agreement with us to speed up the delivery of services to your area.  

Why do you pay higher council land rates when you don’t have access to a water and wastewater system?

We have no control over council land rates.

For more information about land rates, contact your local council.

To learn more, contact our Community Relations Team by:

Sydney Water
Community Relations - Growth
PO Box 399