Hoxton Park Recycled Water Scheme

This scheme is designed to provide recycled water to parts of new residential suburbs and industrial areas in Sydney's south west.

Large purple plastic pipes stacked on ground

We supply recycled water to the community through purple pipes.

About Hoxton Park Recycled Water Scheme

Recycled water will be produced at a new water recycling plant at Glenfield in Sydney’s south west.

We'll supply recycled water to homes and industrial properties in:

  • Edmondson Park
  • Elizabeth Hills
  • Freemans Ridge
  • Ingleburn Gardens
  • Len Waters Industrial Estate
  • Middleton Grange
  • Panorama Estate
  • Park Bridge Estate
  • Yarrunga Industrial Estate.

Glenfield Water Recycling Plant will produce high treated recycled water, which will be delivered by dedicated pipelines to residential and industrial properties.

We plan to start operating this scheme when there are enough properties built and connected to our wastewater and recycled water pipes. This is to ensure that we can provide reliable recycled water services to our customers. About 4,000 properties have connected to the Hoxton Park scheme so far. We need 2,500 more homes to connect so we can ensure there is enough wastewater flow that can be treated to produce recycled water at the Glenfield plant.

We expect that recycled water could start being produced at the water recycling plant in 2019-20. We'll review the number of property connections and forecasted growth in 2017 and prepare a plan to bring the scheme into operation. 

Only properties with recycled water meters and fittings will receive recycled water. Customers in these areas will continue to receive drinking water through their recycled water pipes until sufficient demand for recycled water is reached. We'll notify residents before we start supplying recycled water to their property.

To learn more, contact our Community Relations Team by:

Sydney Water
Community Relations - Recycled water                           
PO Box 399