Rouse Hill Land & Waterways Program

This program is in Rouse Hill, Glenwood, Stanhope Gardens, Kellyville and Beaumont Hills. 

Natural wetlands with trees in background

We're reducing flood risk to properties and restoring local creeks and waterways.

 About the Rouse Hill program

We own stormwater or 'trunk drainage' land in the Rouse Hill area. Trunk drainage land is low lying land that's prone to flash flooding. This land may look like creeks, bushland or parks and reserves, with stormwater pits or concrete channels in the middle. Housing developments are often built near creeks and trunk drainage land.

We manage trunk drainage land by regularly maintaining and rehabilitating local creeks and bushland. Work usually involves planting local native plants and removing weeds and invasive species.

This work helps to:

  • reduce flood risk to properties
  • restore local creeks and waterways
  • improve the quality of water entering the Hawkesbury-Nepean River.

We've also prepared master plans for certain areas of land and waterways, including:

  • Caddies Creek and Strangers Creek Landscape Master Plan in Beaumont Hills and Kellyville
  • Smalls Creek Landscape Master Plan in Kellyville.
The overarching Rouse Hill Trunk Drainage Land Plan of Management guides our landscape master plans and maintenance work in the trunk drainage land.

Caddies Creek and Strangers Creek Landscape Master Plan

The Master Plan identifies opportunities and constraints for future use of the area. It balances the need to manage the flood plain and protect the environment and cultural heritage values of the area. 

The plan also protects recreation and social values by supporting The Hills Shire Council’s proposal to provide a new sports complex for the local community.

Council has completed detailed planning and anticipates the sporting fields will be ready by the 2018-19 summer season.

Smalls Creek Landscape Master Plan

The Master Plan was developed in response to residents’ concerns and was finalised in 2013.

The plan aims to uphold ecological, scenic amenity and recreational values of the land and addresses our responsibilities for:

  • flood management
  • water quality
  • protected species
  • indigenous heritage
  • public safety
  • bushfire hazard management. 

Other land and waterways projects in the Rouse Hill area

We're investigating other waterways and land that we own in Rouse Hill to see if they would benefit from specific master plans. These areas have complex issues and land uses.

As our investigations progress, we'll keep the community informed and involved in the consultation process.

How can you prevent weeds growing in bushland?

  • Choose native plants where you can as exotics can spread and overrun native bushland.
  • Don’t dump garden waste or lawn clippings in bushland. They contain seeds that damage native bushland and waterways.
  • Don’t damage plants or wildlife in bushland. This includes mowing grass and removing plants.
  • Don’t dump rubbish or building materials in bushland, creeks or stormwater channels.

Report any rubbish or building material by calling:

To learn more, contact our Community Relations team by:

Sydney Water, Community Relations - Stormwater Program
PO Box 399, Parramatta NSW 2124