Astrolabe Park stormwater pipe renewal

We're replacing large stormwater pipes under Astrolabe Park in Eastlakes.

The project started in mid October 2015 and should be completed by about mid 2017.

Round area of concrete on grass area in front of brick building

We're replacing two large stormwater pipes under Astrolabe Park.

About the project

Under Astrolabe Park at Eastlakes, there are two large stormwater pipes that direct stormwater into Botany wetlands. These pipes are deteriorating so we're replacing them.

Sustainable stormwater systems

Aerial view of Astrolabe Park and Botany wetlands

Select the image to see a larger version of Astrolabe Park and Botany wetlands.

This project provides a great opportunity to create a sustainable and more efficient stormwater system. 

The filtration system at Astrolabe Park includes a natural wetland. 

It's designed so the stormwater outlet runs into the wetland, which acts as a natural filter.

We've awarded the contract for the stormwater pipe renewal at Astrolabe Park to Enviropacific Services.

Construction started on 12 October 2015 and should be completed by mid 2017.

We'll keep the community and stakeholders updated as we progress.

What does the work involve?

We'll replace two large pipes under the park with new pipes about 650m long.

We'll construct a new outlet to the wetlands and make some small changes to the wetlands. This will improve the reliability of the stormwater system and water quality in the wetlands.

How long will it take?

Work hours will be Monday to Friday 7 am to 6 pm. No work will be done on weekends or public holidays. Construction should be completed by mid 2017.

What does it mean for the park and the local community?

A large section of Astrolabe Park will be temporarily closed during the work.

This will result in the temporary closure of the park's internal access road and carpark. A permanent section of the park will remain available for public use. We'll provide a temporary carpark off Isaac Street towards Eastlakes Golf Course.

Safety around the site is our priority and we'll use a range of measures to ensure the community can continue to use the park. We'll also minimise the impact of construction work on the local area by using measures to reduce dust, noise and vehicle traffic.  

How are wetlands used for naturalisation?

Wetlands have a significant role in improving the river’s ecology and health by treating stormwater run-off from streets and industrial areas before it enters the river.

Where have we used naturalisation?

We plan to implement natural stormwater solutions where possible.

We're involved in a number of naturalisation projects, including:

To learn more, contact our Community Relations Team by:

Sydney Water, Community Relations - Stormwater Program                        
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