Vaucluse & Diamond Bay Wastewater Improvement Project

We’re improving the wastewater system, including three ocean outfalls in Vaucluse and Diamond Bay.

Stage one of the project is complete. Work is progressing on stage two.

Ocean cliff and water below

Planning work for the project is progressing.

About the Vaucluse and Diamond Bay project

We're working to improve the wastewater systems in Vaucluse and Diamond Bay. This includes three untreated wastewater ocean outfalls.

We began investigating wastewater system improvements on the Vaucluse Peninsula in the late 1980s.

An Environmental Impact Statement display in 1993 examined 18 pipeline and tunnel options. Although we received approval to proceed with our preferred scheme, a change in funding priorities deferred the project.

After a review in 2001, we decided to restart the project. We did extensive community and stakeholder consultation between 2001 and 2003.

Our plan to improve the wastewater system

The project is being completed in two stages.

Stage one

Stage one started in March 2010 and is now finished. We inspected, cleaned and repaired 12 km of high flow public wastewater pipes in the Vaucluse and Diamond Bay areas.
This work, known as SewerFix, has reduced:

  • overflows from the wastewater system in dry and wet weather
  • blockages by 50%
  • the amount of water entering the wastewater system through cracks in wastewater pipes
  • the volume of wastewater flows to the ocean outfalls.

Stage two

Planning for stage two of the project is continuing. We're currently reassessing our strategy to improve wastewater discharges from the outfalls. 

More investigation is needed into the alternative improvement strategies for the ocean outfalls. This will help us understand the:

  • environmental benefits
  • environmental impacts
  • customer value.  
Stage one of the project started in March 2010. It is now complete.

Planning work is continuing for stage two. 
To learn more, contact our Community Relations Team by:

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