Cronulla Wastewater Treatment Plant

We're reducing the risk of odours around Cronulla Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Construction was completed in mid 2014. Testing and commissioning at the plant was completed in late 2015.

Aerial view of treatment plant with surrounding bushland

Our project will help reduce odours at Cronulla Wastewater Treatment Plant.

About the Cronulla Odour Management Project

The Cronulla Odour Management Project focuses on reducing the risk of odours impacting the surrounding community. It also ensures Cronulla Wastewater Treatment Plant will continue to perform in line with environmental requirements. The project was completed in late 2015.

We prepared a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) report for the project, which was on public display in April 2011. It assessed the potential environmental impacts of the proposed work.

We addressed stakeholder and community submissions in the Decision Report.

The project involved:

  • installing new covers over the primary sedimentation tanks
  • constructing four new bio-trickling filters
  • upgrading the cogeneration plant, which is now able to produce 50% of the plant's energy needs
  • restoring concrete in the primary treatment area.

Construction started in May 2012 and was completed in mid 2014. Project testing and commissioning phases were completed in late 2015. 

The Odour Management Program Alliance, (Sydney Water, Lend Lease and CH2MHill), delivered the project.

To learn more, contact our Community Relations Team by:

Sydney Water, Community Relations - Growth
PO Box 399, Parramatta NSW 2124