Green Square Stormwater Drain Project

This project is in the Green Square and Alexandria areas.

Construction started in May 2015 and is expected to be completed by mid-2019.

Suburban road with cars and trees

Part of the new stormwater drain is in Joynton Avenue, Green Square.

About Green Square Stormwater Drain Project

Planning for growth in Green Square

Green Square Stormwater Drain Project - 26612

The new pipe will be installed in sections.

In partnership with City of Sydney Council, we've started to build a large 2 km underground stormwater drain from Epsom Road, Zetland to the existing stormwater system at Alexandra Canal, Alexandria.

This work is part of the plan to provide stormwater services to accommodate growth and development in the Green Square area. It's a key part of our commitment to urban renewal and our Liveable Cities strategy.

The new stormwater drain will significantly reduce flooding in and around the Green Square Town Centre during torrential rain - particularly at Joynton Avenue and on Botany Road.

Design and construction

Sydney Water and the City of Sydney have formed the DG Alliance with UGL Engineering, Seymour Whyte Constructions, Parsons Brinckerhoff and RPS Manidis Roberts to build the stormwater drain.

Detailed design continues for some sections of the stormwater drain. The new drain is being built using open trenching and microtunnelling across multiple locations simultaneously. 

We've built the new drain using open trenching and microtunnelling. Work has happened across multiple locations simultaneously.

We have:

  • tunnelled over two kilometres
  • installed more than 600 concrete stormwater pipes between Joynton Avenue, Zetland and O'Riordan Street, Alexandria
  • nearly completed a shared path beside Shea's Creek stormwater channel, between Maddox Street and the start of Alexandra Canal to the south of Huntley Street. 

Site updates

Alexandra Canal

We've installed a drain between Maddox Street, Alexandria and Alexandra Canal, and under Huntley Street, Alexandria.

This work involved:

  • diverting and relocating existing utility services
  • widening the existing open channel along Shea's Creek, between Maddox Street and the canal
  • replacing the culverts under the bridge
  • upgrading the bridge deck.

We are now installing a sandstone finish to the widened Shea's Creek channel. We will soon start landscaping beside the new shared path.
We expect this work to be completed by mid-2018. 

Perry Park

We've finished all work in Perry Park, Alexandria. We used this to launch the microtunnelling machine when we installed the section of drain from the park to Shea's Creek in Maddox Street. We completed restorations to Perry Park in November 2017.

Link Road to Joynton Avenue, Zetland

We've completed building this part of the stormwater drain.

Huntley Street Bridge

We've completed work on the north side of the bridge and Huntley Street was reopened to two-way traffic in November 2017. We're preparing to re-locate telecommunications, water, gas and electricity services. The November 2017 community update provides more detail. We appreciate the community's support during this important work. 

Night work in Alexandria and Zetland

View our location map to see where we'll be working at night. 

24 hour microtunnelling work

We've completed all microtunnelling work at Botany Road and O’Riordan Street.
Microtunnelling involves using a machine to dig an underground path, so we can install concrete pipes. This involved 24-hour work.

Review of Environmental Factors (REF) 

We've assessed the environmental impacts of building and operating the new stormwater drain. We explain these impacts and ways to minimise them in our REF.

We displayed the REF between 28 April and 23 May 2014.

We reviewed the nine submissions received and prepared a Green Square Stormwater Drain Decision Report.

To learn more, contact our Community Relations Team by:  

Sydney Water
Community Relations - Stormwater Program
PO Box 399