Randwick South Reservoir (Elevated) (WS 0102)

  • Number
  • Other name
    (WS 0102)
  • Primary address

    246, Reservoir St Little Bay, 2036. NSW
    LGA: Randwick
    LGA region: Sydney
    DUAP region: Sydney South

  • Owner
    Sydney Water
  • Current use
  • Former use
  • Item type
  • Item group
    Utilities - Water
  • Item category
    Water Supply Reservoir/ Dam
  • Parcels

    Parcel code: LOT
    Lot number: 1
    Section number:
    Plan code: DP
    Plan number: 88190
    Updated: 17 February 2003

  • Curtilage/Boundary
    The curtilage is defined by the boundary of Lot 1 in DP no.88190, as shown on the curtilage plan.
  • AMG easting
  • AMG northing
  • Statement of significance
    Randwick South Reservoir (Elevated) (WS 102) is one of a small group of reinforced concrete reservoirs on concrete piers. The reservoir demonstrates the growing demand for water in Sydney suburbs. The listing includes the reservoir and all associated pipework, valves and valve houses to the property boundary.
  • Endorsed significance
  • Year completed
  • Circa
  • Physical description
    Randwick South Reservoir (Elevated) (WS 102) is a large reinforced concrete reservoir, supported on a grid of reinforced concrete piers. Functional in appearance, the reservoir is stepped or tapered to the top with widened ribs at the base and rim of the reservoir itself. Standard features include: handrail in tubular steel, davit, access ladder, inlet and outlet valve chambers and a trigonometric station. Plantings include oleander. Unlike other similar reservoirs, including Wiley Park Reservoir (Elevated) (WS 19), Randwick South Reservoir (Elevated) (WS 102) does not possess a central tower and spiral staircase to the top of the reservoir. Full Service Level: 65m. Capacity: 4.6 ML.
  • Modifications made
    The reservoir has been roofed to safeguard water quality (1960s-1970s).
  • History
    Randwick South Reservoir (Elevated) (WS 102) was constructed in 1936.
  • National
  • State
  • Local
    Water Supply
  • Local description
    Relates to the planning, development, expansion and provision of water supply.
  • a) Historical
    This reservoir demonstrates the high level of demand by a populous suburban community.
  • f) Rarity
    One of a small group of elevated concrete reservoirs on a concrete pier stand.
  • List name
    Heritage Act - s.170 NSW State agency heritage register
  • Date listing listed
    01 January 2000
  • WS 102.
    WS 102.
    Created by: Edward Higginbotham
    Creation date: 01 July 2000
  • The physical curtilage plan for Randwick South Reservoir (WS 0102).
    The physical curtilage plan for Randwick South Reservoir (WS 0102).
    Created by: Sydney Water
    Creation date: 30 May 2006
  • Location Plan
    Location Plan
    Created by: Edward Higginbotham
    Creation date: 01 January 2000
  • Data entry status
  • Entered
    18 December 2000
  • Updated
    05 December 2014