Centennial Park No.2 (Covered) (WS 0023)

  • Number
  • Primary address

    394, Oxford Street Centennial Park, . NSW
    LGA: Randwick
    LGA region: Sydney
    DUAP region: Sydney South

  • Owner
    Sydney Water
  • Current use
  • Former use
  • Item type
  • Item group
    Utilities - Water
  • Item category
    Water Supply Reservoir/ Dam
  • Curtilage/Boundary
    As defined and illustrated in the curtilage plan.
  • Statement of significance
    The Centennial Park group of three reservoirs, including Woollahra Reservoir (WS 144), 1880, Centennial Park No.1 (WS 22), 1899, and Centennial Park No.2 (WS 23), 1925, demonstrate the development in construction technology for covered reservoirs, as well as the dramatic increase in demand in the growing Sydney suburbs. The group is unique in the SWC system, because of their size, design and level of architectural detailing. Centennial Park No.2 (WS 23) is one of a small group of covered reservoirs in the SWC system, illustrating the variation and development of construction technology and demonstrating the rapid growth in demand in inner suburban Sydney. All covered reservoirs are highly significant within the SWC system, since all differ in construction technology, design and architectural detailing. All therefore contribute to our understanding of the development of covered reservoirs in NSW. The listing includes the reservoir and all associated pipework, valves and valve houses to the property boundary.
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  • Physical description
    Centennial Park No.2 (WS 23) is a large rectangular covered reservoir, with a triangular shaped connection to Centennial Park No.1 (WS 22). It is partly excavated into bedrock and part in embankment. The internal structure of the reservoir was not visible for inspection. The perimeter of the reservoir is bounded by a sandstone dwarf wall, originally with a cast iron palisade fence, identical to that surrounding Centennial Park. At the corners of the reservoir are substantial sandstone posts. There are also gateways along the perimeter, flanked by sandstone gateposts. Only one pair of original iron gates survives on the west side near Oxford Street. The gateways are at the top of flights of stairs leading up from the park below. The top of the reinforced concrete reservoir is covered with fill and grassed over. On the Oxford Street frontage there is a brick entrance chamber or valve house. The inscription over the doorway reads "MWS&DB / Centennial Park / Reservoir No. 2 / 1925". The recreational and open space usage of the roof of the reservoir is a historical and important feature of most covered reservoirs. Full Service Level: 75 m. Capacity: 90 ML.
  • History
    Centennial Park No.2 (WS 23) was completed in 1925. It augmented the storage available in Centennial Park No.1. It was supplied by water pumped from Crown Street Reservoir and ultimately from the Upper Nepean Scheme (1888 onwards). It now receives supply from two pumping stations in Waterloo. Centennial Park Nos 1 and 2 supply the Inner City and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.
  • List name
    Heritage Act - s.170 NSW State agency heritage register
  • Date listing listed
    01 January 2000
  • Data entry status
  • Entered
    18 December 2000
  • Updated
    05 December 2014