Jamberoo Reservoir (WS 0230)

  • Number
  • Other name
    (WS 0230)
  • Primary address

    124, Wallaby Hill Road Jamberoo, . NSW
    LGA: Kiama
    LGA region: Illawarra
    DUAP region: Illawarra & Macarthur

  • Alternate Address

    125, off Wyalla Street Jamberoo, . NSW
    LGA: Kiama
    LGA code: KIAM
    LGA region: Illawarra
    DUAP region: Illawarra & Macarthur

  • Owner
    Sydney Water
  • Current use
  • Former use
  • Item type
  • Item group
    Utilities - Water
  • Item category
    Water Supply Reservoir/ Dam
  • Parcels

    Parcel code: LOT
    Lot number: 1
    Section number:
    Plan code: DP
    Plan number: 586577
    Updated: 17 February 2003

    Parcel code: LOT
    Lot number: 1
    Section number:
    Plan code: DP
    Plan number: 784355
    Updated: 17 February 2003

  • Curtilage/Boundary
    The curtilage is defined by the boundary of Lot 1 in DP no.586577, as shown on the curtilage plan.
  • AMG easting
  • AMG northing
  • Statement of significance
    Jamberoo Reservoir (WS 230). One of a small group of cylindrical concrete reservoirs, serving the needs of small local communities. The listing includes the reservoir and all associated pipework, valves and valve houses to the property boundary.
  • Endorsed significance
  • Designer
    NSW Department of Public Works ?
  • Year completed
  • Circa
  • Physical description
    Jamberoo Reservoir (WS 230) is a small circular reinforced concrete reservoir with a widened rim or rib, its sides covered in an earth mound. Standard features include: handrail in tubular steel, depth gauge board, davit, access steps, inlet and outlet valve chambers. Full Service Level: 86 m. Capacity: 0.79 ML.
  • Modifications made
    The reservoir has been roofed to safeguard water quality (1960s-1970s).
  • History
    The Metropolitan Water Supply & Drainage Board initially used water from the Cordeaux River, the nearest of the Upper Nepean tributaries to supply the South Coast, Wollongong and its suburbs. A series of dams were constructed on the Cordeaux River, the principal dams being completed in 1903, 1915 and 1926 respectively. Because of the height of the ridge (O’Briens Gap) above the coastal area, pressure in the trunk main was too high to be directly connected to reticulation mains. The pressure was broken down by the construction of 5 service reservoirs at the highest points on the coastal plain. The initial supply scheme from the Cordeaux River to Wollongong was constructed by the NSW Department of Public Works in 1902-1903. It was transferred to the MWS&DB in 1903. The second major stage of development occurred in 1909 with extension to Port Kembla and Unanderra. The third stage of expansion was completed in 1915 with water supplied to Figtree, Mount Kembla, Kembla Heights, Mount Keira, Keiraville and towns to the north of Wollongong, namely Balgownie, Corrimal, Bellambi, Russell Vale, Woonoona, Bulli, Thirroul, Austinmer, Coledale, Scarborough and Clifton. The extensions of supply to Dapto in 1920 and to Mount Drummond (now Mangerton), Tarrawanna, Reidtown, Fern Hill and Fairy Meadow, all in 1922, were supplementary to the third stage of expansion. Since that date, expansion has occurred in all of the South Coast water supply, although Kiama, Jamberoo and other southern areas were not connected to the Avon supply until after 1961. In the 1960s, supply was made available from Avon Dam, this dam being originally completed in 1928. Water is now supplied from Avon Dam, via filtration plant, to Mount Keira, Berkeley and Dapto, from whence all other reservoirs receive their supply. Jamberoo Reservoir (WS 230) was not incorporated into the South Coast or Illawarra Region water supply until after 1961. Originally supplied by a main from a dam on a nearby creek. Now connected to supply from Avon Dam.
  • National
  • State
  • Local
    Water Supply
  • Local description
    Relates to the planning, development, expansion and provision of water supply.
  • a) Historical
    This reservoir has an historical association with an independent water supply. This reservoir demonstrates the low level of demand for a suburban or historical community.
  • f) Rarity
    One of a small group of concrete reservoirs in cut and embankment.
  • List name
    Heritage Act - s.170 NSW State agency heritage register
  • Date listing listed
    01 January 2000
  • WS 230
    WS 230
    Created by: Edward Higginbotham
    Creation date: 01 June 2000
  • The physical curtilage plan for Jamberoo Reservoir (WS 0230).
    The physical curtilage plan for Jamberoo Reservoir (WS 0230).
    Created by: Sydney Water
    Creation date: 29 May 2006
  • Location Plan
    Location Plan
    Created by:
    Creation date: 01 January 2000
  • Data entry status
  • Entered
    18 December 2000
  • Updated
    05 December 2014