Steps for first time developers

You need to follow some simple steps if you're developing your land, including:

  • building a new house
  • building residential apartments
  • building a factory
  • subdividing land.

You need to think about your development's water, wastewater and stormwater needs.

To help your planning:

You must engage a Water Servicing Coordinator to lodge your application. They'll receive our letter and send a copy to you. It tells you about our charges and conditions for your proposed development.

When you proceed with the development, you must apply in the normal way - pay the fee and go through all the steps to get a Section 73 Compliance Certificate.

If you're planning a large-scale land rezoning, new development or redevelopment project, call us for advice on 13 20 92. Ask for the Urban Growth - Growth Strategy team.
You need some type of consent for your development.

To find out what type of consent you need, visit your local council's website. They may have conditions for you to meet before they give consent. This depends on what type of consent you need.

If you need development consent, one of the conditions may be that you apply to Sydney Water for a Section 73 Compliance Certificate. Find out about  Types of development that need a section 73 certificate

Read our Land development guide  for all the application details.

If you're building, we need to approve your  building plans.

When you build or subdivide land, you may require a Section 73 Compliance Certificate from us depending on the type of development you're planning.

Find out about Types of development that need a section 73 certificate.
The certificate ensures that:

  • your development or subdivision is served by our water, wastewater and, in some cases, stormwater systems
  • your development or subdivision won't affect our water, wastewater and, in some cases, stormwater systems
  • you have paid any necessary contributions towards existing infrastructure.

You must engage a Water Servicing Coordinator to apply for the certificate using our e-Developer system. We don't accept applications directly.

To get a certificate:

  • select a Water Servicing Coordinator
  • lodge your application. You may be able to speed up your application if it qualifies as a 'Complying application'. Check with your coordinator. 
  • receive a Notice of Requirements letter specifying charges to be paid and work to be constructed
  • pay our charges and construct works
  • receive our certificate.

Read our Land development guide for more details.

Can you follow the progress of your application?
Yes you can. Visit the Developer application enquiries page to find out how.  

You have to meet our Section 73 Compliance Certificate requirements.

Your Water Servicing Coordinator will give you a Notice of Requirements letter detailing what you need to do to get your certificate. It will be based on an assessment of your proposal and its impact on our systems. It will detail:

  • works needed to make sure each lot has a frontage to a water main and a connection point to a wastewater main (private water/wastewater service lines in easements or joint service arrangements are not acceptable)
  • all costs and charges
  • any other requirements such as amplification or adjustment of our systems or building over assets protection.

If you need to build works:

  • you must engage a coordinator to manage the design and construction by listed providers at your cost. You can engage the coordinator who lodged your application or another coordinator
  • you and your providers must sign a Developer Works Deed
  • you must sign a Complex Works Agreement for more complex works.
If these works affect neighbouring properties not owned by you, you must work with your coordinator to negotiate access.

You may need to pay compensation and/or look at ways to minimise impact. Allow considerable time for this process.

Once the works are completed satisfactorily, we'll take them over as part of our system.

After you meet all our requirements, we'll issue the certificate to your coordinator. This can then be given to your council to satisfy their development consent condition.

To find out more about our Section 73 Compliance Certificate process, look at our Land development guide. To find out more about our process for adjusting or protecting our systems, read our Asset adjustment and protection manual

You must apply for approval to connect to our water and wastewater systems.

If you're connecting a business that produces trade wastewater, you must get our permission before you discharge to our wastewater system.
Residential properties

You need to meet all our requirements if you're developing land.