Applications & approvals

When do you need our approval?

You may need to apply or get an approval if you:

  • are developing your land
  • are connecting to our pipes
  • want to move or remove our pipes.

We can give simple approvals right away, but we may need:

  • a more detailed assessment
  • to refer your application to someone else.

Read Prices for other services for details about the full range of services we provide and the fees we might charge.

What do you need to know?

When do you apply? Why do you apply? How do you apply?

When you're developing, subdividing or adding an extra dwelling on the property.

We need to ensure:

  •  there are water and wastewater pipes to connect to
  •  the pipes are the right size for the development.

Apply for a Section 73 Certificate through any Water Servicing Coordinator.

When you need to know the pressure in our water main.

You may need this information to help you design or certify one of the water connections for a building on the property.

Apply for a Statement of available pressure and flow at Sydney Water Tap in™.

When we don't have any pipes for you to connect to.

We need to work out if we can extend our systems to provide a point of connection for your property.

Apply to extend our water or wastewater system by calling us on 13 20 92.

When you want to change the level of your land and this will affect the height of one of our wastewater structures.

We need to ensure:

  • we can access the wastewater structure to maintain our pipes
  • our structure doesn't cause any safety issues.

Apply to raise or lower our manhole at Sydney Water Tap in™.

When you want to change the level of your land and you've discovered that one of our valves is in the way.

We need to ensure we can adjust the valves on our pipes to suit your needs.

Apply for a Watermain Fitting Adjustment at Sydney Water Tap in™.

When do you need approval? Why do you need approval? Where can you get approval?
When you're excavating, demolishing or building on a property. We need to ensure:
  • your proposed excavation, demolition or building works won't damage our pipes
  • we can still get to our pipes if we need to repair them.

Apply for a Building plan approval at Sydney Water Tap in™.

If you're building close to or over our pipes, we'll refer you to a Water Servicing Coordinator for a more detailed assessment.

You'll also need to apply to a Water Servicing Coordinator for a Section 73 Certificate if you're building an additional dwelling on a property or building a development such as townhouses, villas or a commercial or industrial building.
When you want to connect to, or disconnect from, our pipes. We need to ensure the connection meets our requirements when you connect your property to our pipes.

We approve most simple connections on the spot, but if you have a non-standard or large connection, we'll ask you to provide more information and apply for approval.

Apply to connect at Sydney Water Tap in™.

If we can't approve the connection or disconnection right away, we'll ask you to provide more information. 

If we approve your connection, we'll send you an approval letter or additional services agreement. We'll also send a copy to the property owner.

When you want to move or remove our pipes. We need to ensure there are no problems if the pipes also provide services to other customers. Apply for an Asset adjustment approval through a Water Servicing Coordinator.

They'll advise you about the process and submit an application to us electronically.
When you've been offered to buy part of a public road. We need to check if:
  • there are any pipes on the land
  • any works are required to protect the pipes and maintain our access to them.
Request Approval for a road closure through any Water Servicing Coordinator.