Section 73 Compliance Certificates

Do you need a Section 73 Compliance Certificate?

When you develop or subdivide land, your council or certifier will tell you if you need a Section 73 Compliance Certificate from us.

Find out about the Types of development that need a Section 73 Compliance Certificate.

If you need a Section 73 Compliance Certificate, your application needs to be assessed and your building plans must be reviewed. This ensures:

  • water and wastewater services will be available at your property
  • you know about any work that's needed to connect to, or protect, our pipes.

How can you apply for a Section 73 Compliance Certificate?

You can choose to apply either through Sydney Water Developer Direct™ or through a Water Servicing Coordinator.

What's a Water Servicing Coordinator?

A Water Servicing Coordinator (WSC) is a listed provider for Sydney Water. They can manage your application and deal with us on your behalf.

If you'd like to engage a Water Servicing Coordinator, we recommend contacting more than one before you make a decision. This will help you choose the right one.

You'll need to pay the coordinator and any other providers you engage for their services.

What is Sydney Water Developer Direct™?

Sydney Water Developer Direct™ is a new service that enables you to apply for your Section 73 Compliance Certificate directly through us. 

If you choose this option, we'll provide a single point of contact who'll manage your application from start to finish.

Is Sydney Water Developer Direct™ right for you?
We're currently accepting applications for small to medium developments from customers with a Development Consent from: Canterbury-Bankstown, Hunters Hill, Lane Cove, Penrith, Ryde and Sutherland

We'll be accepting applications from other council areas later in the year.

How much does it cost to apply through Sydney Water Developer Direct™?

The application fee is $475.83. This covers:

  • a full assessment of your application by a technical expert
  • a Notice of Requirements (if required)
  • your Section 73 Compliance Certificate (once any required works are completed)
  • a construction proposal, including a sketch
  • a site specific quote (if any work is needed)
  • assessment of your building plans.

The application fee doesn't include the cost of construction works or asset inspections. If this work is needed, we'll provide a quote when we assess your application.

How long will the assessment take?

We'll assess your application within seven working days.

How can you apply or find out more?

Call us on 1300 082 746