Primary school

We have a range of water education resources for primary teachers and educators.

These resources are free for non-commercial use in schools, environmental education centres and for other non-commercial educational groups.

Primary resources

Early Stage 1

How do we use water?

This lesson sequence involves students classifying water into home and school use, identifying where water is used in a typical day and understanding the need for a clean water supply, and to not waste water.

Stage 1

The urban water cycle

This lesson sequence involves students singing a song about how water gets to homes and schools, recognising parts of a basic managed water cycle and investigating school water devices.

Stage 2

Does your school have a purple tap?

This lesson involves students identifying purple taps that represent the availability of recycled water. Students will also learn about the uses of recycled water.

Stage 3

The urban water cycle

This lesson involves students identifying the processes that make up the urban water cycle.

We offer a range of resources to support learning programs to schools in our area of operations.

To make our resources go further, we limit the amount of materials we send to each school.

To request resources for your school, please email us or call 1800 724 650.

Every Drop Counts in Schools teaching package

This package includes lessons that link water education with the curriculum for Stages 2 to 3. Learn how to do a water audit, read a water meter and monitor water use.

Flow cup

A flow cup can measure the flow rate of your tap and shower in three easy steps. Measuring flow rates is part of doing a water audit.

Stickers and book labels

We have colourful water wise stickers and book labels for primary students.

Water audit DVD

The DVD is a short and simple guide to doing a water audit and developing your school's water efficiency plan.

Water for Life domino and memory card games

Kids will have great fun with these traditional games that teach them how to be water wise.

More water education resources

The Australian Water Association sells a range of water related resources (books and CDs) that are suitable for school children through to adults. Find out more about these teacher resources.

Water games

Play these games from around the world to find out more about water and how important it is to all of us.

Have fun and learn about the fascinating water cycle with these games and activities.

Water cycle quiz (Earthguide)

Explore a water cycle diagram and test your knowledge about the water cycle in this interactive diagram.

Thirstin's water cycle (United States Environmental Protection Agency)

Explore the different parts of the water cycle with Thirstin the water cup.

Chasm (ABC Science)

A rockfall has cut off Platypus Joe's water supply from the dam at the top of the chasm and Joe's job is to fix it. You have the chance to go along for the long and dangerous ride. Play Chasm.

Ollie Saves the Planet (Sustain Ability International)

Join Ollie and his friends as he learns to live sustainably by reducing, reusing, recycling and rethinking what he does with water, waste, energy, air and biodiversity.

Catchment Detox (ABC Science)

Find out just how hard it is to manage a river catchment with climate change, increased demand for water and environmental problems putting our rivers under stress. Are you up for the challenge?

Rattus down the dunny (ABC Science)

Rattus has lost his jacket down the loo, but is he disgusting enough to go down after it? Can you help him to find it? There is all sorts of stuff down there.