About your bill

If you own a property, you'll get a bill from us. Generally, this is for your water and wastewater services, but there could be other charges.

We send most bills quarterly, after we've read the meter. If you don't have a meter, we send the bill at the start of each quarter.

If you'd like monthly bills, you can now apply for monthly meter readings. It costs $10.43 a quarter and the fee will appear on the first bill of each quarter.
We understand that it might be hard to pay your bill. If you're having difficulties, we have a range of options to help with your bill.

If you receive a pension, we may give you a rebate on your bill. You must own and live in your home to qualify.
Simply contact us and we'll give you a statement that shows the amounts we charged you and the payments we received on your last five bills. 

If you need information before this, you need to pay $26.95 for a billing record search statement through Sydney Water Tap inTM
We'll stop a fixed charge on your bill if a licensed plumber has disconnected your water or wastewater service.

Your plumber must apply for the disconnection at  Sydney Water Tap in™ and follow our rules first.

If you get a bill from us, it should look like the one below.

New bill Image - Front 
1.   Account number    

This number is unique to your property.

2.   Fixed charges
These are for your connections to our water and wastewater systems and other systems we manage.

* We reduced our fixed charges from 1 July 2016.

3.   Usage charges
This is for the amount of water used at your property. To find out details about your meter, see 6.

* We reduced our usage charges from $2.276 a kL to $2.00 a kL. This was from 1 July 2016.

4.   Online ID

This number is unique to you, the property owner.

5.   Payment number
This is the unique reference number you use to pay the bill.
6.   Water meter
This is your meter number, the readings on it, the period the charge covers and how much water was used.
This is the back of a sample bill.