Would you rather get an electronic bill instead of a paper one? 

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You just need a recent paper bill to begin.

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It's faster

It's paperless so you won't have to wait for the postie to deliver your bill anymore. This means you have a little more time to pay.

It's mobile

If you're on the go, you can view your bill from a phone or tablet as long as you have email access. You can pay your bill from your device too.

It's easy

If you'd like to see all your bills in one place, eBill is for you. It's great for tax time - especially if you own more than one property.

When we've approved your registration, we'll send your next bill to your inbox.

You'll get a summary eBill that shows how much you need to pay and when it's due.

From your summary eBill, you can:

  • pay your bill without having to enter a payment number
  • view a PDF version of your bill - just enter the last four digits of your phone number to access it
  • look at your past bills
  • read our Waterwrap newsletter and more.
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We'll send your eBill summary straight to your inbox.

When we get your registration, it takes us one to two working days to set it up. This is standard practice with most electronic bill providers.

If there's a problem with the information you've given us, we'll be in touch.
If you get your bill through BPAY View, you can easily switch to eBill.

Just register for eBill and we'll automatically stop sending bills via BPAY View.

Already registered for Direct Debit?

If you've already set up Direct Debit payments, eBill won't affect them.

Your summary eBill will show how much you're paying and when we'll deduct it from your account or card.

Not yet registered for Direct Debit?

You can set and forget your bill when you set up Direct Debit. 

You'll still get a summary eBill that shows how much you're paying and when we'll deduct it from your account or card.

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Adding a property

When you register, you can only enter one property. 

If you own more than one, you can add them while we're setting you up. Simply log in and go to the Add or remove property tab. 

Removing a property

If you've sold a property, you can easily remove it from your registration.

This won't stop any other eBills (if you have them) or cancel your registration. Simply log in and go to the Add or remove property tab.

You can still pay your bill the way you did before. The only way you can't pay an eBill is at Australia Post.

We already have the payment number

Only one person can register a property for eBill. If you own a property with other people or some else gets your bill, they may have already registered.

If you get a message that tells you we already have that payment number, please check with the other people first.

If no one else gets your bill and you can't register, please call us on 13 20 92.

You didn't get an email

We send you an email when you start to register. You need the email to continue your registration.

If you didn't get the email, please check your junk or spam folders.
It's easy to return to paper bills. Simply log in and go to the Add or remove property tab.

Just cancel your registration if you'd like to go back to paper bills. You'll need to register again if you want to use eBills in the future.

If you want to use eBill for some properties, just remove the ones you don't need. We'll start sending paper bills for those properties again.

Want a different online bill?

You can also get, pay and store your bills through BPAY View.

Simply register with your internet banking provider and you'll get your bill sent straight to your online or mobile bank account.  

You can then easily pay by BPAY or choose another way to pay.  

Visit BPAY to find out more.